ExpertTuning offers ECU remapping to remove DPF functions and fault codes.

IMPORTANT - notification concerning DPF removal and the MOT

Following a VOSA document published on 4th December 2013, laying out the legal position
concerning a DPF if it was fitted as standard equipment, we invite you to view this publication
before speaking to us.  Please use this link to access and read the Guidance Note.

You can also access the document in Adobe .pdf format here:  DPF and MOT Guidance Note

MOT Test Information

It is the customer's responsibility to read the above guidance notes and determine whether DPF removal is suitable for their needs taking into account government requirements for vehicles to be used on the road.

The MOT emissions test does not detect the absence of a DPF.  The MOT allows only a visual check of the DPF system as MOT testers are not allowed to disassemble components fitted to vehicles.  If the DPF assembly is visually intact with no evidence the filter has been removed from inside the canister, the tester will not be required to fail the vehicle.

Common DPF problems include:

- DPF Light Flashing
- DPF Light On Constantly
- Engine Management Light On - Car In Limp Mode (Won’t Rev Over 2,500 / 3,000)
- Fuel in the oil / rising oil levels
- Loss Of Power / Reduction in MPG
- Blown Turbo / Injector Seals (As a direct result of ignoring a blocked DPF)

DPF effect on performance and MPG

There is no doubt that a DPF affects performance and reduces MPG.  The DPF restricts exhaust flow, especially on higher mileage vehicles or any with a DPF reaching the end of its life.  A new DPF or a professionally cleaned DPF will restore performance and MPG.  A removed DPF will give a vehicle better performance and MPG than it would have with a DPF but we would never advise a customer to remove a DPF for this reason.  If you want to remain legal, and get better performance and MPG, just go with a remap.  We will be able to increase power by an average of 20% and MPG by typically 10% or more and keep you legally on the road.

What if I ignore the DPF warnings?

It is possible you could damage your engine beyond repair if you ignore the DPF warnings.  This is not meant to be a 'scarer' - just a statement of fact.  Ignoring the DPF problem can create excessive back pressure into the engine resulting in oil contamination and dilution from fuel and exhaust.  This can cause bearing failure and consequent need for a replacement or fully rebuilt engine.  We know - because it has happened to some of our customers before they came to us.  The last one was a Mercedes Vito requiring a new engine at a cost of over £7,500.00.

The DPF Removal Procedure

We do not carry out physical DPF removal.  This work needs to be performed by a garage.  However, we will work with garages to carry out the ECU modifications necessary if you decide the right course of action for you is to remove the DPF from your vehicle.

Although it is not possible to remove the DPF from all vehicles, for most it is a relatively straightforward process.  The DPF cartridge has to be removed, and the ECU needs to be re-programmed to tell it that the cartridge has gone and that it should no longer monitor or report DPF activity.  To remove the DPF cartridge garages open the relevant section of your exhaust system, take out the cartridge and re-seal the exhaust system.  We will reprogram the ECU with the new DPF instructions.

Advice and Costs of DPF solutions

A new manufacturer's original DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can cost from £1,200 upwards (+Labour & +VAT).  Cheap eBay or other 3rd-party DPF filters usually fail quickly and are likely to be a false economy bearing in mind labour costs and the need for frequent replacement.  For long life and legal compliance a new and original manufacturer's replacement DPF is the best solution aside from cost.

DPF filters can be cleaned to extend their life.  There are professional DPF cleaning companies that will clean a DPF and recondition it to virtually new performance and life-span.  These companies use equipment costing £30,000 upwards and clean thousands of filters every year.  You can consider asking your garage to remove the DPF and send it to one of these cleaning companies before refitting it to your vehicle.  Expect costs of around £250 plus labour.  Beware of allowing your local garage to clean the filter.  Most attempts result in DPF failure after only a few weeks.

DPF removal is the third possible solution.  A vehicle that has had the DPF removed will never suffer from a blocked DPF again.  Removal and ECU programming will usually cost between £450 and £600 depending on the location of the DPF on the car. A vehicle with a removed DPF will provide better performance and economy than one fitted with a DPF, but you'll need to consider the legal aspects as DPF removal is only intended for vehicles that will not be used on the road.

What is the legal position concerning MOT and DPF removal?

A new government Guidance Note was published on 4th November 2013 laying out the legal position and the MOT test as they apply to the removal of a DPF.  Please use this link to access and read the Guidance Note.  We are a responsible company and feel obliged to draw your attention to this document before you decide to go ahead with DPF removal and do not want to put our own 'spin' on the issue.  The link to the document is:

You can also access the document in Adobe .pdf format here:  DPF and MOT Guidance Note

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