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Why can Expert Tuning do a better job than the manufacturer?

A very valid question - with an easy answer!  In reality, of course the manufacturer could do what we do, but the manufacturer has many reasons for not providing you with optimum performance and economy when you buy the car;

Marketing:  Manufacturers often use the exactly the same engine in a range of cars - even different makes - and need to adjust performance according to the position they want the car to take in the product range.  If all models had the same power, the premium models wouldn't sell so well and justify the extra price.

Mass markets:  Fuel quality varies from country to country, and manufacturers tune the engine to a standard that can handle poor quality fuels rather than taking into account that some countries, such as the UK, have top quality fuels.  They also tune to allow for poor quality oils and poor maintenance programs.

Future ‘upgrades’:  The engine is sometimes held back in new cars so that mid-life facelift models can be given more power a year or two after they are first introduced.

Government Testing:  The strict and artificial testing conditions for fuel consumption figures by European Governments means that manufacturers tune an engine to optimise fuel consumption for the test, but in real-world conditions, their tuning robs the car of power, introduces flat spots and actually degrades fuel consumption.  A remap 'repairs' these weaknesses in the manufacturers tuning to restore proper power, eliminate flat spots and improve fuel consumption in real-world conditions.

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