All our work is fully guaranteed

Unlike many remapping companies, we hold full motor trade insurance to cover our customer liabilities.  Our work is fully guaranteed, and a copy of your original engine map as well as your new engine map is kept on our systems.  In the event you should need a re-installation, for example if a main agent were to reset your ECU for any reason, we will re-install your new map free of charge.

After every job we like to accompany you as you test drive your car.  We believe the best way to show our confidence in our work is to be with you when you see the results for yourself. 

MPG guarantee:  Turbo-diesel: 99% of turbo-diesel drivers will get MPG improvements, but results will vary according to driving style and your day-to-day driving conditions.  ExpertTuning can advise you which option is best for your vehicle, driving style and driving conditions.  Petrol: We cannot guarantee improved MPG for normally aspirated or turbo petrol engines, though it is fair to say that most get an improvement to some degree.  However, we can confidently tell you that these engines will be more powerfull, flexible and enjoyable to drive.  It isn't for nothing the comment 'it feels like a new car' is one of the most common we hear.

Our guarantee does not cover wear and tear and pre-existing faults.  It is not a mechanical warranty.  Any used vehicle will  naturally have components that are worn and may be part-way through their lifespan or nearing the end of their lifespan.  These may not be detectable at the time of the remap, even though we run diagnostics.  As with any modification you need to consider the condition of your vehicle before deciding if a remap is for you.

An independent 3rd-party warranty is available on request if you require a mechanical warrany for your engine.
28 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you get your vehicle remapped and do not get the results you expected we will restore your original map and give you your money back. 

We set realistic expectations for every job we do.  We are confident you will not be disappointed but feel this money back guarantee offers you that extra peace of mind that will encourage you to try our services and improve your driving enjoyment.
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