Save 8% to 15% on diesel costs - guaranteed!


With typical running costs of 1,000 per week or more on diesel, a remap will save you 100 or more every single week.  That means a payback period of less than two months to recover your outlay with Expert Tuning.  There are not many investments you can make that will save you 7 or 8 times their cost in the first year, and even more from then on throughout the life of the vehicle.


If it is power you are after, a remap can give you what you need.  Expert Tuning can provide you with tremendous increases in BHP and Torque to help with heavy loads and extreme power requirements.

                                                       Original      Remap         Original      Remap
                                                           BHP            BHP             Torque       Torque

Scania - R124 - 420                      420            495            2050Nm    2400Nm

DAF - CF85 - 340                            340           390             1600Nm   1780Nm

Renault - Premium - R370           361           451             1670Nm    2100Nm

Fleet testing and pricing

At Expert Tuning we understand you will probably want to perform a trial for one or more vehicles before you decide to work with us on your whole fleet.  We are able to consult with you and arrange for tests to be carried out until you are happy to proceed further. 

We are able to offer nationwide service for large organisations.

Please call us and ask to discuss your fleet requirements and to ask for more details about a trial program.

Fleet running costs slashed

The single highest cost running any truck is diesel.  With typical costs of 500 to 1500 per week being spent on each vehicle, a saving of 10% on fuel means a potential fuel saving of 2,500 to 7,500 per vehicle per year.  With an outlay on an Expert Tuning remap that will recover its cost in a matter of a few weeks, can you really afford not to call us to see what we can do for you?

Economy or Power?

All our remaps are custom designed to provide you with the  changes that are most important to you. 

An economy remap can be chosen to give you the absolute best MPG available, and will still increase power.  A pure power remap will maximise power but not give the same gains in economy. What is certain is that whatever you need, we can give it to you!

Our remaps are based on knowledge gained over many years in the business and from tuning literally thousands of vehicles every year.

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