Remap vs. Tuning Box

Here at ExpertTuning we realize a remap isn't for everyone.  In some cases it will be because you have a late European car with a protected ECU that can't be remapped without being removed, and you're concerned about your warranty.  In other cases it is because your engine simply can't be remapped.  This applies to many Japanese vehicles in particular.  This is why ExpertTuning  offers a British made plug-in tuning module that gives outstanding results and is guaranteed to impress you, whether it is power or economy that you're after for your vehicle.

And who better to buy a tuning box from than a remapping company?

After a lot of testing to ensure we can provide a plug-in tuning module with outstanding performance and remapping potential, that is truly custom mapped for each engine it goes into and is priced to be a viable alternative to our remaps, we're now able to offer customers two options.  Both can easily be fitted in a few minutes using our easy-to-follow installations guides.

ExpertTuning M1

Our M1 module is provided with two maps.  The first map provides you with greatly improved low and mid-range torque, giving you a better day-to-day drive while focusing on fuel economy gains.  The second extends the power gains up into the higher rev range too, giving you maximum performance gains while still offering MPG improvements when you're driving for economy.

ExpertTuning Pro M2

Our Pro M2 module offers maximum flexibility for you to choose from 9 engine maps allowing you to 'plug and play' for the exact performance and MPG characteristics that work best for you.  Our easy-to-use guide will show you exactly which setting to use to allow you to choose the best blend of power (BHP), torque and economy improvements you want.  You can even change the settings according to your needs on different occasions, for example you might want to get maximum torque and economy towing for a caravan holiday, but maximum power with less consideration for economy (though you'll still get MPG improvements) for the same car for a track day.

Pro Turbo-Boost module

If you're really interested in wringing out the last few percent of power and potential from your engine, we offer a Pro Turbo-Boost module that works alongside our ExpertTuning Pro M2 module.  This has additional connectors to the turbo system, monitoring pressure to make the most intelligent decisions possible about fuelling and, in some cases (depending on the vehicle), can directly modify turbo boost to give you the closest thing to an ECU remap that is available from any plug-in tuning module on the market today.

So do I choose a tuning module or a remap?

The easiest way to decide is to call us for advice for your vehicle.  The main two things to take into account are:

1)  Is your vehicle under warranty?  If it is, and it has a protected ECU requiring it to be removed
from the vehicle and opened, is this something you want to do, or would you rather have a
device that can be removed in minutes before you take your car to a main agent for a service?

2)  Can your vehicle be remapped at all?  Many cannot, especially Japanese vehicles.  Although
ExpertTuning often remaps vehicles others say they cannot, we still need to use our tuning
module in most cases where remapping equipment is unable to communicate with certain ECUs.

We will give you a frank and honest opinion on the best solution for your vehicle and your needs. 
ExpertTuning is an independent tuning company.  We use only the best and most advanced
equipment and processes to ensure our customers receive the best quality and the best value
when they elect to have their vehicle re-tuned.

Our remapping equipment and tuning is supplied and backed up by AlienTech and CMD, two of the world’s leading and most experienced remapping companies.  Unlike inferior equipment available on the market these products put great emphasis on the safety and reliability of the remapping process to ensure total customer peace of mind.

We believe our mappable tuning modules offer not only the best performance available in the market today, but also the best value, functionality and backup.  The combination of user-selected settings and customisation capabilities on our British designed and manufactured modules make our products virtually unique amongst the mass of 'tuning box' offerings in today’s market.

Remap v. Tuning Module FAQs                                                                                                

Increase Power and Torque
A remap will normally do a better job of increasing power, torque and power delivery because a remap adjusts not just fuelling, but also turbo boost/timing, ignition timing, valve timing and other parameters.  In some cases the variance between a remap and a tuning box may be marginal, in others more pronounced.  However, if you decide to go the route of a tuning box, you can be sure the ExpertTuning module will give you the best results available in the market today for this type of solution.  As an independent tuning company we have had the opportunity to investigate many products before selecting what we believe to be the best and most versatile device for our customers.

Improve Economy
Both solutions will improve fuel economy for the majority of drivers.  Although it seems illogical that more power provides better economy, the improvement is gained from the fact that the increased power and torque allow the vehicle to be driven in higher gears and reduce the amount of revs (and engine stress) necessary to make progress, whether that means during acceleration, hill-climbing, towing or just general town and country driving.

Remove flat spots
One of the most consistent and notable results of a remap or addition of our tuning module is the removal of flat spots across the rev range.  This provides the driver with a more enjoyable drive, and enables less gear changing, smoother acceleration and much improved performance under load, such as hill-climbing and towing.

No mechanical changes
Whether you go with a remap or our tuning module, you will get excellent results without any mechanical changes to your vehicle.  There is no need for modified air filters, exhausts or turbos.  All our tuning is aimed at providing optimum results for lowest costs, and without the problems that can come from selling a ‘modified’ vehicle when you decide to sell it on.

Can be fitted/removed by customer
Our tuning module is easily fitted or removed by most people that can open the bonnet or their car and clip or unclip a simple connector.  In the majority of cases the time taken is no more than 5 or 10 minutes.  There is no need to cut wires or anything else that makes permanent changes to your vehicle.  Once removed, there is absolutely no trace that a tuning module was ever fitted.

Can be customised for individual requirements
A remap can be customised for individual requirements and, unlike most other plug-in solutions, the ExpertTuning modules can also be customised if the customer has very specific needs.

Customer-switchable tuning settings
The ExpertTuning tuning modules allow customers to try different maps for different driving styles or requirements.  While the majority of customers opt for the mid-range settings, some like to experiment until they find the map that suits their individual needs the best.

Can be modified for a new car
Because the ExpertTuning tuning box is a sophisticated, programmable device, we can modify it for you if you change vehicles in the future.  We charge a small re-tuning fee and you may need to buy a new cable if your new vehicle has different connectors.  The maximum cost involved is usually less than £50.00.

Allows complex tuning of all engine functions
Only a remap will allow all the things that determine the way your engine runs to be adjusted.  Dependent upon whether you have a petrol engine or a diesel engine, a remap can adjust the operational parameters of fuelling, turbo, ignition timing, and valve timing etc. to ensure every possible adjustment is made to optimise the overall performance you will get from your vehicle.  Our tuning module still has more capability than most on the market though, allowing control of the turbo as well as fuelling if provided with the Turbo Boost Option.

Works with ‘protected’ ECUs
Most protected ECUs fitted to certain manufacturer’s (mostly VAG) vehicles since the middle of 2009 can be remapped, but it will almost certainly require the removal of the ECU for the job to be done, leaving it detectable by main agents during the warranty period.  Our tuning module is unaffected by protected ECUs and will install and uninstall with no evidence it was ever fitted to the vehicle.

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