Things to consider before choosing your remapping company

At ExpertTuning we do everything possible to help you make the right decision for tuning your vehicle.  We aim to be open and honest, and to advise our customers as if their vehicle were our own.  Please take the time to read the following before you decide who to trust your valuable vehicle with.

What do I need to be careful of in choosing a remap company?

Some companies do not provide safe, quality, customised maps, and do not use leading remapping equipment.  This keeps costs down but is risky for your ECU, and is likely to provide you with a poor map that is not specifically designed for your car.  Other companies believe that a high price gives the illusion of higher quality, whereas in reality they're just plain expensive!  Yet others think that is you drive a Porsche or an Aston, then you can automatically just pay more.  We don't believe in those practices here!  If the work is the same for a Clio or an Aston, then we charge the same for a Clio or an Aston.

Mappers using generic files and unsupported devices for sale on the web should be avoided at all cost.  We've seen too many customers with troubles after a bad experience from a spare-time tuner that bought their equipment and standard files from eBay.  No wonder they can offer cheap remaps!  Also, we sometimes see cars that have already been remapped, but with low quality maps we can significantly improve on.  Remember - every remap we perform is customised for your engine and only for your engine.

What security can I look for?

While we cannot generalise, you should be cautious using companies that do not provide an address or a landline number.  We have heard of 'drive-off' remappers that use cheap equipment, create a problem, then just drive off into the sunset and won't answer subsequent calls from their customers.  Do they have motor trade and liability insurance?  You'd be surprised how many don't.
How do I know the remapper understand my needs?

Preferably, talk to the company you plan on using.  Check the quality of their reply if you contact them via e-mail or text.  See if they have the time, knowledge and motivation to answer your questions clearly and enthusiastically.
What if my car is under warranty?

Many remapping companies don't care if your vehicle is under warranty or not.  So long as they do the remap and make some money they're happy.  There is no single right and wrong answer about the 'safety' of remapping a vehicle under warranty.  Some can still be remapped without trace, and some (VAG Group) will alert the main agent the second diagnostics has been plugged in.  Call your potential remapper.  Here at ExpertTuning we have solutions, even for VAG Group vehicles, that will avoid alerting main agents to our solutions.
If in doubt - ask

We can't stress enough how important it is for you to call the company you are considering for a remap to see how well they understand your requirements and how clearly they address your questions or concerns.  Your vehicle is a valuable asset.  You should be confident that the person or company remapping it know their stuff, and that you can depend on them for quality work and good customer care.
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