Services for owners of VAG vehicles with the VAG Emissions Update


The VAG Emissions Update is not a compulsory update.  Any owner can elect to receive the update or reject it.  Once applied by a VAG Main Agent however, they are not allowed to return your engine to the original settings under any circumstances.

Many owners are extremely unhappy with the new settings and tuning that have been applied as a result of the emissions update.  It is common for owners to complain of lack of responsiveness, lack of power, erratic running and poor fuel economy.  In some cases there are mechanical problems that require the replacement of the expensive EGR valve.  Although VAG are approving replacement of these under warranty in some circumstances there are many owners where the replacement has been at their own cost because VAG are disputing liability for all symptoms or components that customers feel may have been affected by the emissions update.  This this has been the subject of numerous articles, and even a TV Watchdog special report.

If you've had the VAG Emissions Update applied to your engine, you're unhappy with the results on power and MPG, and aware of the problems the update is being claimed to cause to your EGR valve and potentially, then, your DPF, there is a solution.

Although VAG themselves are not allowed to roll back your software to its pre-update form, we can do it for you! We are able to roll your ECU back to 100% pre-update standard software, just as if you'd never taken it in for the update in the first place. We're fully aware some owners may ONLY want the standard, original VAG software back on their car and we can leave it at that if it is your preference. However, we can also add a full remap if you'd rather take advantage of the extra power and economy a full remap can provide.

Most remapping companies have a bit of a problem when it comes to providing a power/economy remap for a VAG vehicle that has had the emissions update. The VAG update modifies some engine parameters that cannot be changed with the most common remapping equipment and software, meaning even if you're only interested in a remap for improved power and economy, the result will not be as good or as thorough as a remap applied to a pre-update engine. To remedy this situation we have invested in additional equipment and software that allows us to return the ECU to complete pre-update standard programming BEFORE
we then apply the power/economy remap. This additional step is essential if you're to get the best from new power/economy tuning.

The price for returning your VAG emissions updated engine to standard tuning is 175. If you'd like to take advantage of a full remap for improved power and economy at the same time, we'll only charge you an extra 50, taking the full price to 225. There will be an extra charge for ECU-out remaps, though the need for ECU-out remaps on VAG vehicles is quite scarce due to the new equipment we acquired.

Remember; even if you're just after a power/economy map, you need the engine returned to standard pre-update tuning first as a base starting point. Make sure that whoever you go to for a remap understands this issue AND has the equipment to go through the right steps for optimum results.

Please call Paul on 01883 341774 or 07525 479932 if you need any more advice on this subject. We're able to offer our return-to-original or remapping service for the updated engines from our base on the bottom of the M25 in Surrey.
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