What is Remapping?  What does it do?

Remapping modifies the instructions in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of your vehicle to change the characteristics of your engine.  The ECU controls all the major functions of the engine, i.e. how much fuel is injected, how much air is mixed with the fuel, how much turbo boost to use and when to use it, as well as many more complex parameters depending on each individual design.  In the days before ECUs managed engines the only way to make the changes was by altering, adjusting or even replacing components.  Now, with ECU controlled management, not only can changes be made to your engine without changing components, but they are constantly monitored and adjusted according to what you and the road conditions are demanding at any given moment.  This is one of the reasons modern engines have so much more power yet provide much better economy than earlier engines without ECU based engine management.

The good thing about an ECU is that using the right equipment and expertise it can be updated and upgraded with new instructions to improve power and economy.  Think of it in the same way that you think of changes to your computer when there are software upgrades.

Remapping provides

- Improved economy

- More BHP and Torque

- Better responsiveness

- More 'low down' pull and flexibility

- Safer overtaking

- Easier towing

- Less gear changing

- A more relaxed drive
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