Testimonial - VW Touran 2.00 DSG - Hello Paul, I've now had the opportunity to drive the car in all conditions and my comment is quite simply that I wish that I had decided to do the remap about five years ago.  It is all advantages and zero disadvantages.  Excellent and many thanks from me.  In detail, the car is a 2004 VW Touran 2 litre DSG that I have had since new; it now uses 10% less fuel for example: - It averaged 45mpg on a 160 mile journey around 70mph on the M6...previously 41mpg. - It will average around 49mpg driving around the IoM...previously 44mpg.  Up one long hill in the IoM, I could never reach 100mph before braking.  Now it is passes 100mph around 250 yards before the braking point and it was 108mph before braking......and I reckon that I could improve this figure with another try.  So, very definitely, a win-win situation.  Many thanks - a 100% recommendation from me......and I should have done it years ago!!  Best regards, Dick - Isle of Man, May 2011
Testimonial -  Mercedes 320 Cdi - Hi Paul, yet another fantastic job done by you!!, this time you have transformed my E320cdi, smoother more responsive drive, more power and without doubt increased mpg. A first class job from a dedicated professional, looking forward to booking the Focus with you. Once again many thanks.  Geoff - Manager, Harley Davidson Guildford.
Testimonial - VW  Golf GT Tdi.  'It now drives like a new car.  The difference after the remap was immediately noticeable with tremendously improved acceleration and greater mid-range torque.  I no longer have to change down to second gear to get round the bend on Succombes Hill (1:4).  I managed 55 miles more than usual on my first tank of diesel.'  - Graham - CR6 Magazine.  Full review available using link above.
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How can Expert Tuning do a better job than the manufacturer?

Manufacturers hold back the potential of your engine for many reasons, and they mean you are not getting the most out of your vehicle.  Our tuners are among the most experienced in the business, and will know exactly what can safely be changed on each engine to ensure it is running at its best for performance, economy and long life.

Should I choose a remap or a plug-in tuning box?

Remap or Tuning Box?  Unlike most tuning companies, Expert Tuning offers high quality and sophisticated tuning modules as well as remaps. With this approach we offer solutions for nearly every vehicle, even those that other remappers don't list or those with protected ECUs, that will not risk your manufacturer's warranty being compromised.
What is Remapping?

Remapping re-tunes your engine electronically to restore and  improve power and torque; improving driveability and performance with the added bonus on diesel engines of providing much improved MPG.
Why Choose Us?

Certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) we are fully qualified to remap your vehicle using high standards of care and quality.  We care about your complete satisfaction.

Turbo-Diesels are guaranteed an improvement in MPG of between 8% and 12%, with a possibility of up to 20%, depending on driving style.  And all this still comes with greatly improved power and driveability.

Outstanding BHP and Torque increases of up to 30% mean better acceleration, safer overtaking and more towing power.  MPG improves by between 8% and 20% depending on engine type.
Customised Remap

Every remap we do is customised for each engine.  Let us know what you want from your remap and the chances are we can meet your exact needs, from the humblest of vans to high-spec track cars.

We aim to provide the best value for money for a top quality remap, combined with safe and effective remap services.  You may find cheaper services available, but proceed with caution; we are often asked to rectify other companies mistakes.  If it looks too cheap there's usually good reason.
Vehicle Selector

Check here to see what we can do for your vehicle.  If it isn't listed or you are unsure of the details of your engine please contact us and we will get back to you with details and a price.

Latest News

The Institute of the Motor Industry has introduced certification for remapping.  This enables customers to distinguish remapping companies that take their work seriously and follow a proper code of practice.  Paul, at Expert Tuning, is IMI certified for remapping and advanced remapping, but also runs the IMI Remapper Certification courses that have been responsible for training and testing the majority of IMI Certified Remappers in the UK and several areas around the world. 
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Magazine Review

It's always nice to get reviews, particularly when they're independent and from a magazine.  One of our most complete tests  was carried out by CR6 Magazine.  You can see a brief summary of the review below but for a complete copy please click on the following link:
Link to Economy information
Link to Warranty information
Link to Power information
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DPF Advice

Your vehicle is a valuable asset.  Before deciding who to use to provide your remap, please click on the 'more' button below so you can be sure you have the tools to make the right decision.
VAG Emissions Update - News

If you are unhappy with your VAG Emissions Update we can return it to how it was before their update was applied.  We can also remap for improvements to power and economy  if required.  Please click here for further information.

Choosing the right remap company

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With so many remappers providing poor or even dangerous remaps using cloned equipment and un-tested/unproven software, be sure to check independent reviews before you make a reservation.  Click on the logo to the right to see our Google reviews.